GitVoice is a VSCode extension that allows users to input git commands through the google voice assistant. I utilized the Voiceflow API alongside HTTP requests in order to bring this project to life.

Firebase Connect

Firebase Connect is a social media platform. React, Redux and Firebase allowed me to complete this project. React and Redux helped me create a single-page web app whilst Firebase helped store all the data as well as perform user authentication.

Cyber Security: CTFTime
#11 In Canada

I frequently participate in Capture the Flag Events with 3 main teammates, where I specialize in rev-eng.

TD Live Case

With a team of 3 other individuals, I pitched a blockchain network to TD in order to increase transaction security for consumers. We were semi-finalists out of 250+ teams.


Some other projects that I'm currently pursuing or have completed. Some of these can be viewed on my github.


A quick look at my interests and hobbies.